Defender 5K Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteers from the participating groups are needed to perform important jobs on race day. Each of the participating groups should provide some volunteers for a particular section.

When you sign up to volunteer, please indicate the group (Band, Tennis, etc) you are supporting. Indicate “All” if you are volunteering to support all groups.

Send Kate an email ( to sign up for a job.


Registration 7:00 to 8:30am (minimum of 12 volunteers)

The Registration area should provide a pleasant and efficient experience to race day entrants and pre-registered entrants. Short, fast moving lines is one goal. Accurate bookkeeping of the money collected is a second and very important goal. This area needs four tables:

  1. Blank Entry Form Table (1) – Used by non-registered entrants to complete their entry form before entering a registration line.
  2. Registration Tables (2) – Used by Registrars to collect completed entry forms and money.
  3. Computer Entry Table (1) – Used by Computer Entry volunteer to enter Name, Age and Race Number of each race day entrant

Leader – Adult that will organize race day packet pickup and registration.
Duties include:

  1. Arranging tables so that blank entry form table is in front of registration tables.
  2. Instructing helpers on dispensing race packets, collecting entry forms and money.
  3. Delivering all entry forms and money collected to race directors.

Helper – Adult or student that will assist Registration Leader. Helper duties are described below.

  • Registrar
    1. Accepts completed entry forms and money from race entrants.
    2. Ensure money collected matches the entry form selections.
    3. Write race number (from race bib) on entry form.
    4. Write check number or CASH on entry form.
    5. Give race bib to participant and ask them to move to the blank entry form table to write their information (Name, Age, etc) on the bib.
  • Greeter
    1. Greets participants.
    2. Directs non-registered runners to blank entry form table.
    3. Directs pre-registered runners to the pre-registered packet pickup table.
    4. Reminds folks standing in the registration lines to have their entry forms completed and their money ready.
  • T-shirt Puller
    1. Listens for directions from Registrars and provides proper size T-shirt to race entrant.
  • Computer Entry
    1. Works with Computer Entry Roamer to collect completed entry forms from Registrars.
    2. Enters Name, Age and Race Number into race timing spreadsheet.

Registration closes at ~8:15 so these volunteers may be dispatched to other areas that open at 8:30 or run/walk the race!
Pancake Breakfast 7:00 to 10:30am (Band)

The Pancake Breakfast is wonderful addition to the 5K and is a BSHS Band fund raiser as well. These volunteers will most likely all be members of the BSHS Band Boosters.

Parking Lot Coordinator 7:15 to 8:30 am (minimum of 4 volunteers)

This group will oversee the south parking lot between the Baseball and Football Stadiums. The parking spaces in the center of this area need to be blocked off early since the race will start at the south end of this lot and proceed north to Edgeworth. This person should ensure that the course path is not blocked and traffic is stopped while runners are present.  IMPORTANT!!!    To have an impressive start to the race, we must keep the area from the corner of the Baseball Stadium to the Middle School gate clear of parked vehicles. This includes the spaces on both sides and the middle of the parking lot. A nice, wide, and clear starting line area will improve the reputation of the race and allow it to grow. Lexington Police Department will most likely assist as well.

Course Signage  7:30 to 9:30am (minimum of 4 volunteers)

Leader – Adult that will work with the Race Director to design a signage plan that will help all race participants stay “on course”. This volunteer will determine the number of signs required and procure these signs by soliciting donations from the community. Old political signs are great for this! The Course Signage Leader will also coordinate placement of the Course Supervisorr volunteers.

Sign/Turn Location Sign Contents/Direction Volunteer Req’d
1. Starting Line Starting Line Start/Finish Line Crew
2. Winston & Edgeworth Left Turn Arrow-West Yes
3. Edgeworth & BSHS Drive Left Turn Arrow-South Yes
4. BSHS Drive & Bus Parking Entrance Right Turn Arrow-West Yes
5. BSHS Drive & Eastin Rd/Brookmeade Straight Arrow-West Yes
6. Brookmeade & Mariemont Left Turn Arrow-South Yes
7. Mariemont & Grandin Straight Arrow-South No
8. Mariemont & Bryan Station Rd U-Turn Arrow No
9. Mariemont & Grandin Straight Arrow-North No
10. Near 309 Mariemont Mile 1 Marker Yes-Split Caller #1
11. Mariemont & Brookemeade Left Arrow-West same as #6
12. Brookemeade & Strathmore Left Arrow-South Yes
13. Strathmore & Grandin Straight Arrow-South No
14. Strathmore Circle U-Turn Arrow No
15. Strathmore & Grandin Straight Arrow-North No
16. Strathmore & Brookmeade Right Turn Arrow-East No
17. Brookmeade & Mariemont Straight Arrow-East No
18. Brookmeade & Eastin/Bryan Station Drive Straight Arrow-East same as #5
19. BSHS Drive & Bus Parking Entrance Left Turn Arrow-North same as #4
20. BSHS Drive & Edgeworth Right Turn Arrow-East same as #3
21. Edgeworth & Winston Straight Arrow-East same as #2
22. Near 1901 Edgeworth Mile 2 Marker Yes-Split Caller #2
23-25. Edgeworth to Laclede
Course becomes 2-way!
Straight Arrows-East & West
“Run on Left Side”
26. Edgeworth & Laclede
2-way course!
Right Turn Arrow-South
(sign facing West)
27. Laclede Right Turn #1
2-way course!
Right Turn Arrow-West
(sign facing North)
28. Laclede Left Turn #1
2-way course!
Left Turn Arrow-South
(sign facing East)
29. Laclede Left Turn #2
2-way course!
Left Turn Arrow-East
(sign facing North)
30. Laclede Right Turn #2
2-way course!
Right Turn Arrow-South
(sign facing West)
31. Laclede Right Turn #3
2-way course!
Right Turn Arrow-West
(sign facing North)
32. Laclede U-Turn
2-way course!
U-Turn Arrow Yes
33. Laclede Left Turn #3
2-way course!
Left Turn Arrow-North
(sign facing West)
same as #31
34. Laclede Left Turn #4
2-way course!
Left Turn Arrow-West
(sign facing South)
same as #30
35. Laclede Right Turn #4
2-way course!
Right Turn Arrow-North
(sign facing East)
same as #29
36. Laclede Right Turn #5
2-way course!
Right Turn Arrow-East
(sign facing South)
same as #28
37. Laclede Left Turn #5
2-way course!
Left Turn Arrow-North
(sign facing West)
same as #27
38. Laclede & Edgeworth
2-way course!
Left Turn Arrow-West
(sign facing South)
same as #26
39-44. Edgeworth to Winston
2-way course!
Straight Arrows-East & West
“Run on Left Side”
same as #21-25
45. Edgeworth & Winston Left Turn Arrow-South
(sign facing West)
same as #2
46. Rear Parking Lot & Access Lane Right Turn Arrow-West
(sign facing North)
same as #2
47. Near Speed Limit Sign Mile 3 Marker Yes-Split Caller #3
48. Finish Line Finish Line
(sign facing East)
Start/Finish Line Crew

Course Supervisors 8:00 to 9:30 (minimum of 7 volunteers)

LexPD may allow our volunteers to staff some posts they have identified for traffic control. This reduces the charges we incur for LexPD services.

From LexPD: Civilian volunteers will need some type of traffic vest, a vehicle or barricade to block access onto the race course, and some means to communicate with the race officials or LexPD. Barricades / cones can be rented reasonably from Saf-Ti-Co, Inc. (233-9326 ).

Course callers–Adults or students that will stand at a mile marker and call times from a stop watch to passing runners. These volunteers may contribute to the photography team by snapping photos of the race from their post.

Food/Drink Coordinators 8:00 to 10:30 am (minimum of 5 volunteers)

1. Assist in obtaining donated waters and sports drinks, race rolls from Great Harvest Bread Company, and bananas. Waters and Powerade can also be supplemented by the school from their Pepsi budget.

2. Before the race, set up tables in the finishing area and organize the food/drink preparation. Tables should be located on the sidewalk between the Gym and Fine Arts corridor exit doors.
Duties include:

  1. Fill two 5 gallon water coolers and place a stack of drinking cups on top of each cooler.
  2. Setup sports drinks and bottled water.
  3. Open boxes containing race rolls from Great Harvest.
  4. Cut up fruit (probably bananas).

3. Card Tables and water coolers are needed outside the building for the following:

  • 1 table, 1 or 2 water coolers – sidewalk outside Band Room (Usually borrow a fold up table from the Band Room.)
  • Finish Line

Neighborhood Flyers/Race Packet Assembly 10 days before the race and 4-6pm (minimum of 8 people)
The LFUCG Police Dept requests that BSHS neighbors that are effected by road closures during the race be notified about a week to 10 days before the race. To save the cost of postage for approximate 200 flyers, adults or students can help distribute race entry forms with a special message for our BSHS neighbors. Volunteers walk the neighborhoods surrounding BSHS and tape these flyers to front doors with painter’s tape (so as not to cause damage). PLEASE DO NOT PLACE FLYERS IN OR ON A U.S. MAILBOX AS THIS IS PROHIBITED BY LAW.

Packets assembly will need to be done the week before the race. Tshirts, forms, etc will be assembled in provided zip-lock bags as per instructions given.

Publicity/Photography Team some prior race time and 8:00 to 10:30 (Minimum of 4 people for photography part)
Publicity includes designing the Defender 5K Race Posters and assisting to distribute them throughout Lexington. Race day photos should be saved onto a disk and given to Kate Wood (; 396-2638). These photos will be reviewed and the best photos will then be transferred onto the Bryan  Station High PTSA website and other school related websites and programs.  These photographs will become the property of Bryan Station High School PTSA and may be used at their discretion.

Finish Line Coordinators 8:00 to 9:30 (Minimum of 8 people)

5K Finish Line
Adult to setup finish line chute and tables (one for Time Keeper and one for the Results Compiler at the end of the finish line chute).

  • Music Director will bring/setup the sound system and pump up the crowd! :)
  • People Movers will remind finishers to stay in finish order in the chute and tear off the bottom section of the race bib for the Tag Collector. Some finishers may need assistance removing the tag from their race bib.
  • Results Compiler will complete the overall and age group RaceResultsWorkSheet that is used at the Awards Ceremony by inspecting each race tag.
  • Tag Collector will collect race numbers on a stringer (in order of finish) at the end of the finish line chute. Blank index cards are available from the Results Compiler to place on the stringer for finishers with no tag. Please write Name, Sex and Age on the index card before placing it on the stringer. The line of finishers must wait while this is being done.
  • Time Keeper will operate the timing program that records each finishers time.

Fun Walk Finish Line
Adult to hand out Fun Walk awards to all 9 & under Fun Walk finishers. The finisher may exchange the tear away section of their race bib for an award. One award per finisher.

Awards Coordinators, 9:00 to 11:00 (minimum of 3 volunteers)

Adult to open a few boxes of the award glasses and set them out on one of the round cafeteria tables in front of the cash registers. This should be done before Awards Ceremony starts at about 9:15. The volunteers can then assist in handing out the awards as they are announced and opening more boxes of awards when needed.

Adult to conduct the Awards Ceremony which starts at about 9:15 in the BSHS Cafeteria. The Emcee will conduct the door prize drawings and present the Overall and Age Group awards to the winning 5K participants. Here is a typical Awards Ceremony Sample Agenda.


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