State of Station Volume 2 Issue 4

Lots of info in this one! Please read the State of Station  for this week!

Here is the email sent with the State of Station from Mr. McMillin:

BSHS Family,

Attached you will find this week’s State of the Station.  Please make sure and read all of it.  Below are a few things contained within this week SotS I’d like to highlight:

  1. Dress code staff clarification:  As I told you before we started the year, anytime you make a change to a schools dress code, you have to be prepared and ready for conversations.  I have had more conversations with parents about dress code then I have had about career academies, grading or even teaching and learning.  I was prepared for this and knew it was coming.  Ironically, most have wished we would have went with uniforms rather than the small changes we did make.  I think this is because they are familiar with it from when their student(s) attended one of our feeder middle schools.  Please read the attached clarification document and let me know if you have questions.  PLEASE NOTE:  No matter how clearly, straight forward, or black and white you make a dress code, there will always be gray areas.  This is true even with schools that go full uniform (I know I came from a school that was uniform).  As we continue to enforce these changes, these conversations will begin to lower in number.  We will get there.
  1. Career Academies:  Starting with this SotS, I am going to include some videos about career academies.  Please make sure and watch them and reflect as we make our transition to wall to wall career academies next year.
  1. Nashville Career Academy Trip:  I have included the staff members that will be going to Nashville at the end of September so you can direct your questions to them for them to investigate and consider while in Nashville.  We will meet as a team both before, during, and after the trip.  The first week of October, these school leaders will discuss the trip with you at the Oct. 4th PLC/Department time after school.  That night is also OPEN HOUSE!
  1. Community Visits:  We have not set all the dates for these as of today and that is why I have not advertised them.  This week, most likely tonight or tomorrow, I will be sending a letter through IC messenger, home during last period, and a REMIND about our tentative career academies.  Parents that read the SotS will see it first!  I have attached the document above.  In that letter will be a brief explanation about career academies and some information they need to know about how it will affect their student(s) this year.  We will do a more in depth presentation during our community visits.  We will advertise all of them once we have all three nailed down.  It would be awesome if some of you attended those events to show support for BSHS as faculty.
  1. MAP Testing is fast approaching and ironically, all schools around the district are having issues.  The MAP team will be meeting this week to discuss the issues and get the schedule out to staff on how our 9th and 10th graders will complete this district required testing.  It is replacing CERT for 9th and 10th We are going to try and make it as simple as possible without causing a huge disruption to class schedules.  Let us sweat the logistics and we will get things out to you soon!
  1. Finally, DO not email counselors for schedule changes.  As I stated in the last SotS, I have asked them to ignore those emails.  If you have an issue with class size or students, please let your department chair know and they will take those concerns to the counselors.  We have a few positions posted that once filled, will result in a few more schedule changes for students to balance out class size.  Many of those moves began last week.

Let’s have another GREAT week!

James McMillin
Bryan Station High School

“People forget how fast you did a job, but they always remember how well you did it.”

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