Parents Guide to School Accountability

The Kentucky Department of Education has developed two parent-friendly brochures, one outlining Kentucky’s state assessments, when students will take them, other tests children may take and how the results for these tests will be used. The second brochure deals with school accountability, how it is based and determined, how parents will know how their child is doing on state assessments and much more.

To view the brochures or text versions of them, click here. See the brochures and text versions near the bottom of the page.

The text versions contain all of the written information found in the printable versions and may be more suitable for sharing via e-mail or posting.

ParentInfo has been highlighting a part of one of the brochures each issue until they have all been covered. Below is the final installment of the accountability brochure. It addresses what parents can do to help with high performance.

What can parents do to ensure high performing students and schools?

Demand high levels of performance from students, schools and districts. Realize educational excellence is a shared responsibility. Take an active part in your child’s education.

Know what is expected of students in the different subjects and at the different grade levels. Ask school staff about any questions you may have about academic standards or the curriculum being taught.

Use Kentucky’s online Student Information System, Infinite Campus, if available in your district, to monitor your student’s progress. Your school or district should be able to provide log-in information.

Discuss your child’s progress report and state test results with his/her teachers. Look for strengths and weaknesses in the different subject areas and work with the school to develop a plan for enrichment or improvement.

Ask about programs or services that may be available to help your child improve such as Extended School Services, Family Resource/Youth Service Centers, tutorial programs or other opportunities in the school or community.

If your child is in middle or high school, ask the school how to log in to your child’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP). It includes valuable information about test scores, career interests and tools that will help you and your child plan for college.

Refer to the school’s consolidated plan to learn about its plans for improvement. Address the School-Based Decision Making Council (SBDM) with any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have.

Where can parents find out more information about Unbridled Learning?

More detailed information is available on the Kentucky Department of Education website at; click on the Unbridled Learning logo on the left side.

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