Volunteer Opportunity for the Living Arts and Science Center

Summer Classes are scheduled between 9 am and 4 pm, Monday thru Friday, during June and July and through the second week of August. Students beginning their Freshman year of high school and older:  If your schedule permits, participate in the *Summer Teachers in Training” program. You will be assigned to work with a teacher for a full week, 9 AM – 12:00 PM or 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM (3hr class) with the option to volunteer for lunch 12 noon-1 pm. You will prepare and present one lesson on your own, be observed and evaluated by the teacher, and complete a self evaluation form. This is valuable experience if you are planning to work with children in the future and certainly worth a line on your resume!

*Participation in this program requires a full week of attendance with one teacher for the entire class period! AM or PM Assignments for Summer Volunteers                     

Hours (9am-12noon/12noon-1pm/1pm-4pm).

Be a helping hand in a class even if only for a day or an hour.

Help teachers assemble materials before class.

Remain after a class dismisses to help the teacher clean up.

Gently redirect wandering children back to their teacher or parent.

Help with restocking and organizing materials.

Assist with an off-site activity/presentation.

Positive energy, patience, tact, and flexibility are useful attributes for making your time at the Living Arts and Science Center enjoyable and fulfilling.  Strong muscles are not required but are welcome and useful when accompanied by the above attributes!  Visit www.lasclex.org for more information

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